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Santa Monica Council Incumbents Sweep, LV Loses Big

November 9, 2016 -- In an election night that was shocking at the national level, there was no surprise in Santa Monica.

All four City Council incumbents easily won re-election and the slow-growth Measure LV that featured a campaign with opponents greatly outspending their rivals was soundly defeated.

Tony Vazquez
Big Blue Bus Wins $870,000 Funding for CNG Engine Upgrades

Big Blue Bus (BBB), which operates its entire 200-vehicle fleet on alternative fuels, says it will receive $870,000 from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee’s (MSRC) Near-Zero Engine Incentive Program to upgrade the agency’s compressed natural gas (CNG) engines, which will further reduce emissions and extend the life span of its vehicles.

Tony Vazquez
No Major Changes in Latest Santa Monica Vote Count

November 29, 2016 -- The all-but final tally in Santa Monica's November 8 election caused no major changes, shoring up victories by four incumbent City Council members and keeping the loser of the hottest measure on the ballot firmly in place.

Tony Vazquez
Lawrence Picked as Santa Monica Interim City Attourney

December 9, 2016 -- While the City Council searches for the first new head of Santa Monica’s legal department in more than 20 years, longtime Assistant City Attorney Joseph Lawrence will fill that role on an interim basis beginning December 31.

Mayor Tony Vazquez announced Tuesday evening that the decision had been made during the closed session portion of the council meeting. He offered a congratulations to Lawrence, who responded with a joke.

Tony Vazquez
FAA Orders City of Santa Monica To Halt FBO Evictions

The FAA issued an interim cease-and-desist order on December 12 to the city of Santa Monica, California, requiring the city to stop its process of attempting to evict the two Santa Monica Airport (SMO) FBOs—American Flyers and Atlantic Aviation. The city issued notices to vacate to the two FBOs on September 15, giving them 30 days to leave the airport. The city also revealed plans to take over FBO services at the airport, and earlier this year the city council voted to require airport leases to include language limiting the sale of fuel for piston-powered aircraft to unleaded fuel only and jet fuel to be limited to biofuel or “other sustainable fuels” at some future date.

Tony Vazquez
Santa Monica Mayor: City Committed to Replacing FBOs

Santa Monica mayor Tony Vazquez is vowing to continue the city's efforts to supplant the privately run fixed-based operations at Santa Monica Airport (SMO) with city-run services. Vazquez made that pledge in response to the interim cease-and-desist order the FAA presented to Santa Monica officials last week. The order calls on the city to halt its effort to evict the two FBOs at the airport—American Flyers and Atlantic Aviation. The city issued eviction notices to the FBOs in September.

Tony Vazquez
Santa Monica Forward Endorses Council Incumbents, Tax Measures

September 13, 2016 -- Santa Monica Forward, one of two groups spearheading opposition to a slow-growth initiative on the November ballot, announced Monday that it is endorsing the four City Council incumbents running for re-election.

After interviewing the candidates who responded to the group's questionnaire, Forward's steering committee voted to support Mayor Tony Vazquez, Mayor Pro Tem Ted Winterer and Councilmembers Terry O’Day and Gleam Davis, officials said.

Tony Vazquez